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Volume too low

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Casual Adventurer

Hi, I have a W007 MTK6575 amdroid 4.0.3 phone.


Skype earphone and handsfree volume is way too low, barely hearable.

During a skype test call I have noticed that a split second after the automatic intro message starts the volume is reduced, even if at the beginning it's as high as it should be.

Headset: not tried yet.


There is clearly a SW re-setting of the output volume (maybe to prevent ear damage?) which should not be there.


Temporary solution: installed "Music Volume EQ" from play store and pumped up all volume levels. Has to be restarted every time the phone reboots.





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Casual Adventurer

One more idea: according th this post

there is a change in the rocker level of  >Settings  >Sound  >Volume (incoming calls)

DURING the call.


Is this maybe related to a similar problem some time ago on the Skype for Linux (microphone muting) which appeared every time the "Automatic regulate volume" field was selected in the preferences (selected by default on Skype installation)?
It would be enough to make a similar setting visible also in Skype for Android.


There are a bunch of posts on this issue on different phones, on which other applications and even VOIP apps work correctly. It would be nice to have  a common solution.


To complete: the version which has issues on my phone is the



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Novel Tourist
thanks for the temporary fix works great!
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Casual Adventurer

You're welcome.
There seems to be somebody with another (better?) solution:


I'll check later on and report



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Casual Adventurer

No, the audio manager app did not help.


But  I have found a modded version (2.9) which solved the "too low volume" problem.

Check here:

Direct download link here:


Videocall is also ok, speaker volume is perfect.


Do we really need reverse-engineering from a stray dog (no offence, thanks havokg2)?

Why is skype dev team not able to release a sufficiently tested skype version?
Too many releases too often?

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Casual Adventurer

Same problem with Xtreamer Aiki 5,exactly as you descibe the problem leodp.


And Yes, the developers from Skype should react on this serious issue!



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Novel Adventurer

Same problem here on my Nexus 4.
I installed "Volume Control +" and it solved the problem!
Hoping it also works for you guys.

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Novel Tourist

Not sure if this will help anybody, but I just realized that when I make a call on skype, there is a button on the screen in which you can flip from 'phone mode' to 'speaker mode'. This button doesn't seem to show up when you are on a video call. I only see this when video is NOT on.


Strange, as when you are on a video call, of course you would only need 'speaker mode'. But the default (as least for me) when I make ANY kind of call, was on regular 'phone mode'.


I hope this helps as least some of you out there.




PS. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and I'm on Skype


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Novel Tourist

Thanks Shane! Searched everywhere to find that answer. I have Galaxy S3 worked fine.

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Casual Adventurer

I did some testing as well, and indeed, which an incomming videocall, the call will be answered in the 'speaker mode' ,


With an incomming call (no video!), the phone is answering the call in 'phone mode', but the problem is that the volume is VERY LOW and hardly hearable. (thus from the speaker of the front side, where the screen is)


During this audio call, i can switch over to 'speaker mode', the audio is better hearable, but stupid thing is the sound comes most out of the speaker on the rear side. So listening what the other party say, i better put the speaker near my ear, than talk as if i got a 'normal phonecall'.


Thus the problem still exists, during a call (no video call), the sound in 'phone mode'  is extremly low.

Extremer Aiki 5  (MTK6575 inside)







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