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Video not working in Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 wifi model

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I'm the kind of person who searches thoroughly before posting a question.

But why does only my Galaxy tab seem to not work?


Mine is Galaxy tab 7 inch, wifi model, with Gingerbread,

Skype version 2.7 (most recent, I believe) with auto update ON.


It makes "video calls" successfully with Skype on PC or mac,

but it doesn't send the video. The camera doesn't seem to turn on in Skype.

Camera itself works fine in "Camera" app.


I activated video calls at the Skype settings.

I updated Skype to the most recent version on the other side (PC, mac) as well.


What else can I do?

Does anyone else have the same problem?




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I have the same problem.   It seems that Skye and the Galaxy tab 7 just don't get along.

I can't even get a sucessful 'test call' without the call cutting out.  Occasionally, a call will complete to a lineline number, but the application will cut out very quickly, well before it can be answered.


I found other VOIP applications that work, but would much prefer to use Skype since it also runs on my desktop, laptop, and netbook.


I hope Skype takes notice and offers a fix in the near future


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Same for me, except everything working without video.. normal calls are no problem. Hope, Skype will fix this for us!
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I too have the same problem in wifi model. Only the vidoe call option is made avlable but not the actual video capture. The issue is yet to be fixed by anybody from Skype listening... thanks



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I have same these problems.
When i make a call to any person then skype faild my call.
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Got the same problem:


I have a Galaxy tab 7.0 (wifi version) I just updated its firmware today, it has Android 2.3.6 and still videocalling is not working, i can see the other person but when i enable my video they never get to see me, the just see a black window with that thing spinning. Its really starting to get frustrating (long distance relationship haha) the point is... i already checked on the skype's list if my device is compatible on google play, and its supposed to be. Can i get any help here? PLEASE?! My tab isnt rooted, does this have anything to do? Thanks! PLEASE HELP!

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I have the same problem.........

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