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Video calls with back camera only????

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Video calls can only be used with the back camera, which means you can't see the person you're talking to if both people are mobile... I would love to use Skype just like Tango.... Please make Skype better!!!

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Community Manager
Which phone model and which Android version are you using?
We support switching cameras starting from Android version 2.3.

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I am having the same problem...i have the samsung infuse...any suggestions?
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I just purchased the HTC Thunderbolt with Verizon.  Installed Skype.  Only back camera works.  Phone has software 2.2.1.  I noticed that there was a comment made that front camera is only supported in software 2.3.  Can someone get Verizon to upgrade the software in these phones?  Or can Skype look a fix for software 2.2.1 that millions of us have.  Your suggestions please.

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You can ask your carrier if there is an update available. I asked att and the gingerbread update for my phone is coming in about a week. Once yoi have the software then yoi can use the forward facing camera
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I have a T-bolt too and only main camera will work - Verizon says it is a Skype issue - no way to finesse the secondary camera to work - hope they fix it soon -
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So when is 2.3 coming since 2.2.1 only supports a back facing camera?
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Confirmed.  I forced a SW update with my HTC Incredible2 just now and Front Camera now works as advertised.  I had ver 2.2.1 and upgraded to ver 2.3.1.  Thanks for listening Skype.

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At the time now, making a video call from my Samsung Galaxy S Plus with Android 2.3.5, my partner see my image rotated 45 ° or reversed depending on whether I hold the smartphone in portrait or landscape. In order to send my right video I put the phone in landscape to right, but then I see my partner upside down,
is a known problem and somebody has a solution? Thank you.


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I am using Samsung Galaxy y. Android verson - 2.3.6

But in skype unable to make video call through through the back camera ?


Is it possible by skype ?

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