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Video calling on htc ChaCha

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Casual Tourist
Heyy.. I gnna buy htc ChaCha with 2.3 gingerbread and 800mhz processor.. It hs also gt a secondary front camera.. I was jus wondering if i can do video callin on dis phone..
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Casual Tourist
I got the ChaCha, but in settings it does not give me the option to enable video chat.
It works on my android though.
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Casual Tourist

No Skype video calling on HTC chacha is not yet supported.

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Novel Tourist

is video calling on teh htc chacha going to come out?

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Novel Tourist
Hope soon for htc chacha
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Novel Tourist

Video calling option on Skype must required. Hope the update will be received soon which will enable this option.

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Casual Tourist

I am interested in this as well.

Does anyone has a time frame for this update? If not, does anyone know how to get the time schedule.


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Casual Tourist
I'm also interested in this feature, is it enabled only for certain tested devices? Shouldn't it be available to all Android powered devices, am I wrong?

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Novel Tourist

yahoo have video calling it work better in it 

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Novel Tourist

This is a major smartphone and for Skype to not support video on it shows that Skype does not care enough about Android users.  I wonder whether this is related to the fact that Skype is now owned by Microsoft?  Do you really want us to use GoogleTalk instead?

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