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Video calling on Asus Transformer

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" will arrive eventually..."


I LOL'd ! :manvery-happy:

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This is great news for us acer iconia a500 users as well or what? Please Skype -> Make skype with video work for these tegra 2 devices!!! ...then I can promise that I will keep adding my bucks for std. phonecalls and payment plans as well! Been waiting for video on skype for mine and my wifes a500 since May, but other options are getting more attractive... gtalk/voice even lets us send sms in the us for free... Get with the program... Thanks!
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This would have to be one of the most disspointing reads ive had in a long time. I own an ACER A501 and for the life of me cannot understand why Skype would'nt be prepared with a fully functional product from day dot. I'ts not as if the tegra chipset has'nt been around for a while not should Android honeycomb be a total surprise at this date and time... I echo the sentiment of all those users out there that have become frustrated with the lack of support and the hours spent thinking that it must be something that we are doing wrong only to find out that the product is not quite there yet. 


Its time to get with the times and at the very least provide an estimate of when this will be sorted out.

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I just bought the transformer over the ipad because it has much more flexability... little did I know that video calling was not available, I just assumed it would as my PC and Iphone 4 work without any problems.... had I know Skype were screwing over android users, I would have bought the ipad... doesn't look like skype will be supporting android eepad users very soon.

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I found it amazing that skype will cut out the whole sector of a growing market. I love my transformer over my Ipad2 because of it's flexibility. If skype is not willing to support Tegra2, then google will be laughing, as google already offer a much more comprehensive, intergrated service, it's just a matter of time before google erode skype's market share. smart move skype!


"Hi, can I give you some money?"

"No, we can't be bothered." 

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I would like to support the main views expressed in this topic, namely:
1) Why is Skype so slow to support this platform (conspiracy theories ...)
2) Does Skype realize that users will find a common service between hardware platforms ... Google IS exploiting this at your expense
3) Loyalty to a brand is hard earnt and easily lost

I signed up to Skype today and will not be using the service unless supported on Android/NVidia soon. In the meantime I'm investigating other services and if they work will move existing Skype customers on to that ...
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pls hurry...cant bare my wife anymore nerving m every day about her brand new transformer which is useless for chating with family (-

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I saw you brought (again) a new update for the iPhone ... Bluetooth and anti-shake with the backwards cam (if you ever use that one with video telephone). Great that you have enough time to make the iPhone software better and better without even bringing video to run on the ASUS.


Please set your priorities straight.

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It is pretty upsetting that Skype isn't supported on such a large segment of Android Tablets.  Especially since most now come with forward and rear-facing cameras and share the same chipset (Tegra).


I've been a paying Skype subscriber for years, and spent a lot of time convincing my family and friends (slow adopters) to pick up Skype for chat and voice communications.  They're all starting to drift away to GoogleTalk and Google Voice and other video chat apps that are compatible with their devices.  Now since apps like GrooveIP are out where I can use Google Voice for free voice calls from my tablet or smartphone, I'm finding little reason to keep my subscription.


Please convince me otherwise.  Had I known it would be like this, I wouldn't have dropped over $500 on my transformer and accessories.

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It's just been updated this morning and now works on the Transformer - yay!
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