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Video call to LG Optimus 2x?

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Is video call opportunity coming to LG Optimus 2x. The phone has potential, so at that end shouldn't be a problem...

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Please add support on LG Optimus 2x !

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Please add support for tmobile g2x. I just finished off paying for this $500 phone just so that I could use the front facing camera with Skype. This phone is twice as fast as the Nexus and I was surprised to not se le G2X not on the list. I just want to be able to talk with my grandparents and make sure they are ok!
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Please addp990 support. It is a best seller phone!!!!

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I am awaiting this as well

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Hi all,

See my floated post. If your device isnt certified there is a way you can enable video calling anyway. If this doesnt work then either your device is running android 2.1 or below or it doesnt meet the minimum spec for video calling.


Allen Smith
Community Manager

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it doesn't seems to work... there are no video options in settings, optimus 2x has 2.2 android, but i think the problem might be with Nividea tegra 2 i have read somewhere (didn't remember the link)....

but if you google you can find that nividea developed hd video calling using skype kit sdk, but i have no idea, whose gna release this and when..... 

so any ideas.....??? when can this dual core processor and front facing camera and android 2.2 mobile have the video chatting facility??? 

source (


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Yeah I really can't see the reason why our device isn't supported. Could someone please elaborate and inform us whether this is being worked on or whether we are just left aside? Thanks!

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Hey Allen,

           The gingerbread software has been already installed on the LG Optimus 2x or Tmobile G2x, which ever is the prefered name. Is there any possibility in the near further this phone will get video feed. Seems like many off us would like to have that option.

Thank you for taking your valuable time in reading this reply to your original message.



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Hi Allen Smith...!!!!

    Even i too have the same problem, i can able to make a voice call in skype but i cant make a video call, i have the latest LG Optimus 2X Mobile... i like skype very much but support is not good, i mean solution not getting on the right time... please make and enable video calling in LG Optimus 2X soon... 

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