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Video call on HTC droid incredible 2

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 Is there a plan to release Skype video calling for the HTC droid incredible 2? Since this is one of the few newer phones that do have a front facing camera, I am hoping this will be made available to us soon!



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have  no clue of Skype releasing video calling option for the droid phones with front cameras but it becomes essential feature and if not skype could the app developers address the issue or its not possible? imagine on skype call and been able to use front (or rear or both cameras') to show yourself (or see the other person at another end) and share with where you at and whats happening, wont it be cool? So, I am hoping too that one way or another this app/option of video calling will become available eithr from Skype directly or from app developems.

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Video for the Incredible 2?

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I am also waiting for video calling on the Incredible 2.

Why isn't it available for it but available for the Incredible S?

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it's already out. New app is not "mobile skype"! Works ok, and you need to change settings to allow video call
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Can you be a little more specific?

I just got the phone and am learning my way around it.

Anything you can help me with will be appreciated.

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I have the Skype app installed on my HTC Incredible 2 and it seems to work. Be sure you download the regular Skype, NOT Skype Mobile for Verizon. But only problem I have is that the video works great but the audio is coming out of the earpiece and I can't find a switch anywhere to turn the speakerphone on. So you can see your caller but can't hear! I know you're supposed to be able to turn the Incredible 2 over to activate the speaker but that doesn't seem to work either. Help anyone? Thanks.

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Vid with the front camera didn't work with software Ver 2.2 or older (HTC Incredible 2).  With the latest SW push to V2.3 or greater, should now enable Front Cam. 


Can't help with the sound issue.  I know there's an option when you touch the screen during a Skype session to (in)activate the mic....might try toggling that a few times.  I use an earbud for much better sound quality and intelligibility in various environments.

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Newbie here. Just bought HTC droid incredible 2 and want to learn how to do video calls. Have read recent posts but still can't make it work! I need step by step info. Have downloaded regular (not mobile) skype app.

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Could you give me step-by-step directions on how you downloaded it?  Did you open up your phone's web browser, go to Skype's website, and download Skype for a PC?

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