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Video call from Galaxy S4: They can't see me

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Novel Tourist

I Just purchased a Samsung Galaxy S4 and installed Skype.

When I make a video call to my wife I can see here but she can't see me.

The phone is telling me to turn on video icon ( bottom left hand corner of the screen.)

When I enable the video icon it makes no difference and I get the same msg again " Turn on video icon."

I have been using my old iphone 4s to skype friends overseas with no problems.

Wondering if there is a fix for this issue via an update or something? I have tried a re-install of the Android skype app with no results.

Is it an Andriod app problem?


Kind regards... :manindifferent:

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Novel Adventurer
i have exactly same problem, i tray to use the video calls with both of my S4 and Tap 2 , they both giving same message ,, need to be fix
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Super Adventurer
check in Skype settings that video is enabled
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Casual Tourist
I have the same problem. I can see them.But they can't see me.Can someone explain to us how to fix it.
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Novel Adventurer

it's enabled already, did everything to make it work, never work..


need skype support action .

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Novel Adventurer
I had the same problem and we solved it by syncronizing msn (old) and skype accounts.
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Reliable Adventurer

Skype seems to be working fine on my AT&T SGS4 except for the volume control is not working properly, I have to keep earplugs handy to mute the sound.

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Novel Tourist
I have the same problem. I can see them.But they can't see me. But this problem only when I am calling from my s4 to pc. But when I am calling s4 to any other mobile skype it is working well.Can someone explain to us how to fix it.
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Novel Adventurer

Hi All 

I just bought a new S4 and installed the skype app.


If I call somebody who is using an old version of skype (eg 4.2)

  1. they can not see me
  2. I can see my self and I can see them

If I call somebody who is using the latest version of skype the I can see them (and my self) they can see me (and themself).


So skype need to assure version compatibility for android. I have skype on an ipod and it is working well.









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Novel Adventurer
yesterday skype released an update for galaxy s4 users. also the volume control problem has been fixed!
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