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Video Issues on Android 4.0 (ICS)

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Well, if you search this forum, you will find at least a couple of the green/pink video threads. There may be a fix for HTC users, but the device has to be rooted.


I am using Huawei Mediapad (Springboard) with ICS 4.0.3. Skype insists that it is a driver problem for our GPUs. Then some HTC service centres (and I was not able to contact Huawei) actually blamed Skype instead. I am quite suspicious, I am pretty sure Skype can fix it if they want to, since there was no problem before, why suddenly changed with the last update? I think Skype need to really address this problem quickly.

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Hi all I am new to the forum, I just purchased the RazR Maxx and can't get Skype, MSN or Yahoo messenger to work. Shype works great on my PC. What am i doing wrong
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Hi all,

i have the same problem with green image on HTC Sensation, and two of my friends have that problem too, on same phone.

That problem appeared when i updated phone's software to Android 4.0.3


I hope that Skype will solve this problem soon.

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Did you ever chase this up from your end ? HTC are still denying it is their problem

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Since updating my samsung galaxy sII to android version 4, my video quality is okay my end but terrible on the recieved end. Not green as some people have been mentioning but really washed out and blocky as if the resolution has been reduced to a poor mpeg1 video.


My asus TF300 tablet which came with android 4 is also the exactually the same.


Will there be an update soon to fix the Android 4 and skype version


Cheers Andy


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Dear Skype,


I use Eken A90 (T05A) with Android 4.0.3 and video is okay, but the video quality is bad on my notebook (Windows 7). Please see attached NG_AndroidSkypeVideo.jpg image.


Please, fix the video issue for Android ICS devices.

Thank you,



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Device: HTC One S
Android version: 4.0.3 ICS

Build#: 1.78.401.2


This is what it looks like: 



And the video I receive from the other is completely weird and distorted with bright colors when there is movement and such. 

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This is true for me when i use ICS on Samsung Galaxy S2. The receiving end displays blocky videos, reduced resolution.

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I have the HTC One X from AT&T and I am trying to skype with my daughter and if i use my phone I am green she looks fine on my side but she seems me in green :-( it's very frustrating.


A fix would be wonderful

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Skype people,


I was wondering if the problem has something to do with Google being behind Android and Microsoft behind Skype.

Do you want us to stop using Skype or android?


P. Tallinn


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