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Video Issues on Android 4.0 (ICS)

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Casual Tourist
Hi All,

I am using Asus Padfone in Singapore , for me the Skype is inverting the video from the front camera. Not sure if it is skype issue or Asus issue. Is any body else having the same issue.

Asus Padfone
Android 4.0.3
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Novel Adventurer

I have the same video issue (green screen on the other end of the video call) using LG Optimus L7 here in Australia.  I think Skype is not compatible with Android ICS as of now. 

Novel Adventurer

I am also having this green screen issue on my HTC ONE XL. Yes it does say its not on the compatible list but it is majorly frustrating and skype video was one of the main drivers for me to get 4G phone. At the moment I am forced to carry my old Motorola RAZR (MIUI ICS ROM installed and working flawlessley) over wifi tether just to make skype calls to my intercontinental girlfriend.

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I got my HTC One-X the other day from AT&T and I had the same problem but after doing the OTA update from AT&T, the green video problem is gone. I believe update fixes it.
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 I have the same pink and green line effect, with the latest Android update.


What I find strange is this 'tail trying to wag the dog' syndrone.


Q Does Skype with with MS. O.S. ?

A. Yes

Q Does Skype work with another latest O.S. from someone else ?

A. No

Fix is get everyone else to change their O.S. to conform with skype, and not have the skype team try to fix an obviously broken program.


Casual Tourist

Same here on my TAB


Novel Adventurer

Video calling works perfectly fine on GTalk from my phone One-XL. No green, no distortion on either end. HTC say its not on there end and neither is it there problem. What is skype doing to the raw video data, its obviously working?


So I am going to have to use that from now on.


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hello globalreiki..i have the same phone and same probleme..if you have an idea how to fix that it would be very helpful to tell me...thanks
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hello to you.

see that you have the solution for green screen.

i can see my self very good from my front camera but from the other side,reeeeealy green.


it would be very helpful to tell me if i can do something about that.


thank you!:cattongue: