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Video Calling in samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

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I have Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

according to you this device is supported for video calling.

but I can not do video calls. even in the settings I can not see setting for video calling.


please support.


thanks in advance,


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i have the same issue, called tech support gave me bull**bleep** about enabling video in call settings...i will return the samsung 10.1 and get ipad 2.

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Just bought the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 because I had seen that Skype supported video calls on this device. I downloaded latest Skype (today) from Android Market, installed it, and I can call, but there's no video options anywhere, nor I see any video being sent or received.


What's the current status of video calling for Android 3.1 on the Samsung Galaxy Tab?




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The simple answer to this is that Sykpe video calling is not supported on the Galaxy TAB 10.1 but does work well on the Galaxy TAB, the 7 inch version.

So the question is when will there be a software update for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 so video calling is possible?

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Title: Skype download
Post by: srinu on 22/11/11 I downloaded skype from android market.

I accidentally removed the application from the application menue (didnt uninstall) and cant find on the tab after that

I tried to re-download it, but while installing it, a message says: out of space , try to clear some space. However, I do have a lot of space.

Resetting the tab to factory setting is off the table, as I did this many times and I had hard time reinstalling and setting applications

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I just got the samsung galaxytab, because i thought i would be an improvement on the ipad.but unfortunately,i cant do video calls?????????? SO WHAT'S THE
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The ipad2 is better!!!!!!!!!! This is a waste!!!!
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i am using samsung galaxy tab 10.1 . skype vidio calling is very smooth here . u can also do gtalk vidio calling . its just fantastic.... bettter than ipad
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Galaxy tab has 2 megapixel  fc against VGA of ipad  with stereo speaker fast processor ..... Just  fantastic......  A magical tool.....

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My daughters mother purchased the galaxy 10.1 and it will not support oovoo or skype. PLEASE share what you did to get the app to work .

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