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Very slow sync and data load on new Skype

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I am using the very recent version that has been released for Android (my device Nexus S).

It is very slow when compared with the version before (the 2.7 or 2.6). Just before Skype was aquired with Microsoft.

The thing that is very slow is the syncing with web. I am on wifi and it takes forevere to load my contacts etc. (and no it is not a problem of my internet connection).

I do not know what you load when the skype is started but it really takes the performance down. The previous general version were working very fast for me in this case.





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I've got the same problem. The previous version was working fine and I tried to uninstall and reinstall again but no luck.

My mobile is running on ICS 4.0.4

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Hi!! I have the same problem! Skpye people, any idea what's happening? It takes nearly ten minutes for it to load/



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sparkyal wrote:

Hi!! I have the same problem! Skpye people, any idea what's happening? It takes nearly ten minutes for it to load/




Are there no moderators to answer these issues?


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I am wondering if it has anything to do with adblock or just rooting your device?

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I have three same issue in my phone, which is not rooted and without any adblock mentioned above. Furthermore I'd I'd like to mention that the entire phone (Samsung galaxy wonder) is really slow during about five minutes while Skype contacts and old messages.

Please look into this issue. I have made several (automatic) updates of Skype on my phone. Maybe it is an update issue?
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Oh, and sorry for the few writing mistakes in my post above. I'm not used to writing much on my phone...
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After removing and reinstalling Skype for Android, I don't get the same problem again. Does this help for others having the same issue?
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My skype take approx 10 min to get to a ready to use state in order to make calls etc. Its virtually useless for me now. I'm a computer programmer with limited mobile technology skills however I am very well versed in web technologies in general and I can't imagine what takes 10 min to load onto my poor Android. The time it takes would be the same as ~20 MB or more of data to be downloaded. Whatever is getting loaded on it is out of hand. That is what servers are for, they don't have limited battery life.

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Hi, I am expriencing the same problem as well on my Samsung Galaxy S2. It takes ages to load and sync my recent conversation. During the entire time, I am not able to use the app at all. It has been getting worse recently with no end in syncing and loading. 


Currently I am getting IM from 3rd party apps but i miss the call feature on skype. I hope I get advise on how to solve this issue soon. It is so annoying that the app has become useless.

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