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Unable to call toll-free 877 number from Skype Android

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Issue: I am unable to dial (877) 495-6832  from Skype for Android.

Steps to reproduce:

- install Skype for Android on a Verizon Motorola Droid X2 smartphone (OS: Android 2.2.2; build number 4.4.1_274_DTN-14.8)

- try to dial +18774956832

Expected result: The call should complete; this is a toll-free number in the United States.

Actual result: Call fails to complete, with this error: "Wrong number Please include country code (e.g. +44 1234567)"


I note that any 800, 888, and 866 numbers that I try dial correctly. None of the 877 numbers I try dial correctly. Perhaps 877 was removed from a table of toll-free area codes? Sounds like a bug to me.



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Thanks for report, a bug has been filed for this and it should be corrected in a future version

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Has this been fixed yet? I only purchased skype to make calls from my android phone, and this 'bug' has made it useless.



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I'm having this same problem. No matter how I format this 877 number, it won't let me dial it. It keeps giving me the red error "Wrong number. Please include country code". The exact same number dialed with skype for windows works fine.


Please fix soon.

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More details: dial the number, get the error. Click on SMS button and on SMS screen click on the Phone icon to dial. The call will connect but will drop a few seconds into the call.

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I have found a workaround for this bug. If you need to call a 1877 n9umber, you need to enter an aditional +1 (for the us code) infront of 1877. After this, click sms then click the phone icon, it will go through.
Example. number is 1877 999 9999
1. Enter +118779999999 on dialpad
2. Click on SMS
3. Click on Phone icon

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This issue was first brought up on this forum in July, 2011 and Skype stated it would be fixed in a future version. As of the latest version ( the bug is still there. It seems like a simple fix. When will it be fixed?

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Same problem here. I had a 877 conference call number, just can not call it from my Android phone. I can not believe it has not been fixed after almost one year.

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I am also having this problem. Very silly. This is a simple string parsing issue.

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jessesanford wrote:

I am also having this problem. Very silly. This is a simple string parsing issue.

Not necessarily. 


It is possible that the conference number at that 877 number doesn't allow calls from Skype users, or allow calls from the area codes where Skype's calls are patched into the telephone network (usually in area codes 631 or 559 in California).  As for dialing the number, it should be dialed as any other US/Canadian number - +1 877 xxx-xxxx.  It would be a free call from Skype, but Skype can't guarantee that all calls to all toll-free numbers will get through. 




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