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Support for Samsung Galaxy S plus

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Novel Adventurer

hiii...i did the same but still its not working...kindly provide the link from where i can download mentioned skype version..and then proper steps how to install it on my s plus..


Casual Adventurer

I would also like to know thanks

Novel Tourist

Could you solve the problem of up side down image on your samsung? Same problem to my new one.

Novel Adventurer help me out...i tried so many options but still its not working for me....I9001 is updated virsion of I9000...and what a shame it does not support skype....

Novel Tourist



Just found this topic and I have to say that my GT-I9001 is also having difficulties with Skype mobile. I just loaded the latest version yesterday and tried making some video calls. No luck as the calls just sat there and rang and rang and no video display on my side during the attempt to call.


This morning I tried again with a friend. He called me from his Samsung S2 with video to my PC and his works perfectly although the video quality was poor. So he hung up and I tried to call him from my 9001. Same thing no luck. I then had him call me on my phone and what a surprise. I could answer with video. I could view him and he could view me. One problem though,,,,,,,,the small display of me in the bottom of my display is upside down. No matter how I orient the phone it remains upside down. If I hold the phone in the normal vertical position he could see me/video in the correct orientation but when I rotate the phone from normal vertical then all video he sees is upside down also.

Anther quickie thing is the buttons on the display for the video, mic. and speaker choice do not function at all. I tried using speaker phone and nothing so I had to jack in my ear buds. Definitely an issue on this one


So,,,,,,,,,,,Skype/Microsoft,,,,,,,,how about getting on this and fix these issues? Or shedding some light on what I can do to make it work


I am adding an edit here with some info on my phone:


Samsung Model GT-I9001


Firmware 2.3.5


Baseband I9001DXKJ1





Build Gingerbread.DXKJ2


Skype version



Novel Adventurer
This issue can't be fixed from Skype application because it's a firmware issue of the camera. I updated my S+ with JellyBean and facing the same camera upside down issue with other apps like gtalk and face unlock.
Casual Adventurer
Im also faceing same problem before its working gud but after i reinstall skype agian im faceing same problem i hope skype team slove this problem as soon as possible if they cnt there is no other resone to use any more sumsang mobile phone ....
Casual Adventurer
I have also same problem in my sumsang galaxy i9001upside down on video calling but before i have option to rotate my image when im on video call but after reinstall skype i have agian same problem i hope skype team slove this problem thanking u in advance ....
Novel Adventurer
Unfortunately, Skype always immediately overwrites the patched Version.
Novel Tourist
i have same problem. who ans my call he see my video my head is down & legs up.
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