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Speaker only on Android device

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Hi all,


it seems that it is not possible to use skype on my Android phone (Huawei U8230) as a normal phone (ear speaker + microphone), because the main speaker is always on during a call. The Speaker icon on Skype interface has no effect.


When  can we expect an updated Skype version for Android?


Ciao, Leodp

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Today! we released 2.0 of Skype for Android this morning. Give it a try and let us know how you get on.


Many Thanks


Allen Smith

Allen Smith
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I have the same issue with my LG Optimus T. Updating to the new 2.0 version did not solved this issue. The speaker is always on during skype call...



Skype for Android (LG P-509 (Optimus T) running Android 2.2.2)
Skype 4.6 for iOS (iPad)
Skype for Linux
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I have the same problem with skype 2.0 on Huawei U8110 (android 2.1) .

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The loud-speaker only problem remains in skype version 2.0. It is impossible to use skype for normal voice calling this way. Unofficial patches that solve this issue have already appeared on the internet months ago. It is unaccaptable that Skype can not or will not solve this problem. I regularly use skype for international calls and the prospect of using skype from a cell-phone was the main reason I spent money on an android smart-phone. I am really frustrated, and would like to express my most sincere dissapointment in Skype as a service. It seems it is still not able to provide an everyday solution for reliable communication. I hope that my opinion will change after an official upgrade is released.

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i have same problem vodafone 945(zte Joe) 

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Same problem.

ZTE Blade/Orange San Fran.


It doesn't seem like this bug should be that hard to fix? I did plan to use Skype for international calling, but I'm just not going to be able to until this problem is solved.

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I feel the same way. Skype seemed a logical choice for me to cut costs on my phone bill on my andriod phone, however using the skype service and only being able to speak via loudspeaker is not acceptable. privacy amongst other things goes right out the window. If Skype wants to keep me and others as customers and wants us all to promote their service, please engineer an update to fix such an obvious flaw in andriod-skype's telecommunicational design.

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I also have the issue with Skype sound not comming via the ear-piece but from the normal speakers (we all want privacy!!!).

It should already have been fixed!


ZTE Blade (Sapo A5) with Android 2.3.

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Hi, today I've downloaded the new Skype version from Android Market, but this problem isn't solved ((( :smileysad:

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