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Sony Tablet™ S

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Novel Tourist

Please tell me you guys are working on an update that will at least allow me to select the option to turn on Video for the new Sony Tablet™ line of Android tablet devices.  It runs on Honeycomb 3.2, and I'd like to know when, and if, I should expect support for my device.



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Novel Adventurer

Please, Skype team, bring support to Sony Tablet S. We need to badly for one of the BEST Android tablets our there!

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Please try the following steps:


Make sure you have the latest Skype App from Android Market.


"Once the app is launched, from the main screen, tap on:

Menu button > Settings

Scroll till the bottom of the page and enable video calls by checking the entry. After this action you should be able to make and receive video calls."


It would be very helpful if you could report back whether if your device supports vedio chat after the above step.

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Novel Tourist
Hiya I have tried this but I'm still unable to have a video chat
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Novel Tourist

We "enabled video calling" and now when we have the skype app launched, we can see ourselves on the video but not the person we are calling.  I don't see where to change this.

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Novel Tourist
I can't believe video is not on it yet!!
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Novel Tourist

Excellent, followed your instructions and works perfectly! Thanks x


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Novel Tourist

Hi, we are trying to enable video call as per your instructions but are having trouble finding the menu button.  Can you be more precise as to where we find it.


Thank you

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Novel Adventurer
That did nothing for me. Still no video
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Novel Adventurer

Thank you, staff, it worked for me, however if offical support can come then I'd be very happy.


Thank you!!

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