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Skype webcam video for Android Honeycomb 3.1 on Acer Iconia

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How do I get to enjoy Skype video web cam on my Acer Iconia tablet running Android Honeycomb 3.1?

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Microsoft buy Skype and stoped develop for android (first mobile competitor)
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You should be able to have video call feature on your Android device since you are already using Honeycomb 3.1


Enable/Disable Video calling option

The user can enable/disable video calling within Skype settings, If the device is compatible (Android OS 2.2 or greater, supports Neon instruction set, has at least one camera that must be able to do 2-way) the option won´t be preselected, if the device is certified /whitelisted ( Android OS 2.3 or greater, supports Neon instruction set, has at least one camera that must be able to do 2-way), there will be no enable video setting as video calling will be on by default.

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The problem is not with the android versionso much as the Tegra 2 chip which Skype does not currently support. The best option currently (IMHO) is google Talk which works fine. Many folks are asking the same question, including me on Galaxy Tab 10.1.

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So you are saying that the "video" will work at " gogge talk" with no special apps or cracking bios using the standard Acer a500 iconia tab? Because if not...this thing is going back to wal-m!!!
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