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Skype video call not working on atrix 2?

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Novel Adventurer

i installed the app and enabled it in the settings but when i try to start a video call is keeps saying initializing video. the call sometime goes through but there would be no video just a black screen but i can here the other person and i can see the mute, end call, and camera switch buttons. can anyone help?

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Novel Tourist

I'm having the same problem. Any tips?

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Novel Tourist

Same issue here. I can switch between the cameras but the same result, black screen, I can also see the camera on the other end but they can not see mine.

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Casual Tourist

Same thing, no video. This has been pointed out in YouTube reviews of the phone as well. 

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Casual Tourist
i got a message saying that the atrix 2 was not yet supported but you could use the camera for video ...... maybe theyll put out an update soon thatll make it work
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Novel Adventurer

I tried this morning. no luck. there definitly needs to be an update to get this working.  When i bought the phone they told me it had the capacity to video caht, so why not skype?

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does anyone know when the video chat will be ready for the atrix 2 i just bought mine today, and kinda disappointed that its not working, im having the same problem, just a blank black screen, but everything else is working fine.

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Casual Tourist

I bought the phone yesterday and they told me I could Skype as well. I downloaded it and can see and hear the other person, they can hear me too but they cant see me!!

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Novel Adventurer

can we get any message from someone at skype saying where they may be at in stages of this update?

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Novel Tourist

same problem as everybody else wheres skype   help  before i return this phone


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