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Skype update keeps signing me out repeatedly

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Basically, i downloaded the new update for Skype yesterday on my Asus Transformer Tablet and everytime i sign in it signs me out, then it signs me back in again, and then back out it does this constantly i cant stay signed longer than 5 seconds.
When im in a call i always drop becuase im signed out, i can no longer read peoples SMS messages becuase they arrive late or not at all when Skype signs me out.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled Skype 3 times all to no prevail. i dont think theres anything wrong with my Transformer, but i must say i prefer the old version of Skype because this never happened to me before.
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I have the eact same problem on my LG v900 tablet. It used to work fine, but now it constantly signs me in and out (every 4 seconds or so)
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Exact same problem on my Samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket with Android 2.3.6
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Identical problem on asus tf101 tablet. And judging by the lack of responses, typical corporate we dont care support....
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same here, wt19a keeps stuck at login
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Same here Vodafone Smart Tab 10.

It's not frustrating only for me, all my contacts see me as I constantly signing in, in theirs desktop pop up notification.

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I have the same issue on my Galaxy S1 running 2.1-update1 and kernel 2.6.29. I hit the welcome splashscreen and attempt to put in my login and password. It immediately fails as if it is not even trying to connect to the server.

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Same problem here on HTC Note tablet...........Very frustrating!!!!!!:mad:

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Same behavior here on Samsung Galaxy Tab - signs me out repeatedly throughout day and asks for password instead of automatically signing in like usual. And, then it takes 20 minutes sign in. 


Is Skype not ready for primetime on the Android platform? 20 minute sign in doesn't work for me.

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i have the same problem on Nexus 4 running Stock Android 4.2.1. Yesterday, i flashed the latest CyanogenMod nightly and skype works perfectly, i'm currently online for more than 24 hours. so maybe it's an android releated issue...

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