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Skype says I must enter a country code

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Novel Adventurer

Oh I did forget to say that code is for the United States , which is what I assumed you were trying for.

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I did this and finally was able to change the number but when I go to make a call the old country code still comes up and no calls will go through. This is beyond maddening.
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I tried this and it won't work.
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I now see what I missed. When you make a call you have to enter the country at the top of the phone pad.
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put +0 area code and ur number ex. +0 1234567890

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Actually JustJoy1221..The US country code is 001. But when dialing out of the US we dial 011 +1 1234567890.  The 011 indicates to the system the intent of an international call. This is true for both the US and Canada. If dialing...say Germany.. for example ..From either the US or Canada it would look like this... 011 +49 area code, then number. 49 being Germany's country code.

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I ran into this problem yesterday with my Incredible S after applying an update.  After a couple of days of troubleshooting I uninstalled the app, rebooted, and reinstalled it.  All is now fine.  I would suggest anyone who runs into this .  . . quirk . . . do the same as your first troubleshooting step.

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your country code, for the US, is have to enter the +
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The USA country code is 001. Type 001, space, then your 7 digit phone number with no spaces or parentheses. This worked for me.
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do +01 nnnnnnn

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