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Skype says I must enter a country code

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Novel Tourist

I don't want to hear that hitting the plus key will solve all of my problems.  I'm using a cellphone.  My contacts don't have a + in front of them.  Since I only use Skype when I'm off-network, it wouldn't work to put a + in front of them.


It's a problem with the app.  Fix it by giving me the ability to select a default country.  I'll put the country code in if I decide to call Zimbabwe.

Novel Tourist

what the country codefor e.g  441234567 when i know the country code what to do replace e g by the country code

Novel Tourist

I was having same problem. I logged off and back in and now it works fine

Novel Adventurer

I've been using Skype for some time and bought a 1 year subscription. Service, from the time I bought my subscription, has gone to mediocre to terrible...poorer connections, I seem to get charged now for everything (didn't happen when I used free Skype), and customer service is limited to this bulletin board that I don't see any Skype reps answering. 


Now, Skype has become even more useless than before because it's constantly asking for a country code for numbers that I've been dialing, until now, that always worked as they are in my address book. I'm in the U.S. If I put the country code in front of the number I'm dialing, say (XXX) XXX-XXXX, like this: 011, the same message pops up. Likewise, I get the message if I put the little U.S. flag in front of the number. Likewise, if I put 01, in front of the number. Likewise, if I put 001, 0011, or just 1 in front of the number. Basically, I can't call anyone in any country now, using a service that I paid for a year in advance.


Four questions:

1) What in the world do I have to put before my mom's number (that I haven't had to put in front of it for the last 3 months).

2) Is there a way that I can receive at least a partial refund for the year subscription I have, if I cancel now?

3) Is there any way that I can get a live connection (chat) like any other descent service I use so that I can get some feedback within a reasonable amount of time?

4) Is there any chance that Microsoft might sell Skype to Apple so that it will function correctly and have good customer service in the future?

Novel Tourist

So i just tried to do the  same thing, I live in the US. And I found that it accepted it when i entered 001 then my area code and phone number

Novel Tourist
U.S. Country code problems? It's +011 and the ten digit number +011
Novel Tourist
thanks worked like a charm lol
Casual Adventurer

Same problem here. I punch up a contact on my Android, it politely asks "Call using Dialer or Skype?" This is great. I love it.


But... then... when I choose "Skype," it says "Wrong number. Please enter country code."


I have to enter a COUNTRY CODE, to call someone across the street?!?


I have 300+ contacts in my Android phone, each with three or five phone numbers. No WAY I'm going to re-enter all those numbers "with country codes."


To echo another post here, if I want to call Zimbabwe, I'll have the number entered with country code in my contacts list. But about 99% of all calls -- mine, and probably most others -- are within one country.


This should be a simple fix. Even my funky 10-year-old wireless landline phone is smart enough to handle it. I punch the # key, and it gives me options -- dial direct, dial with area code, dial with area code +1, etc.


Android and iPhone users should have the following options, after punching up any number in a Contacts list:


1- Immediately dial, using a default country code previously entered. Just go.


2- Dial using another country code prefix, choosing from a customized list previously entered. For example, my customized list might pop up a short list of France, China and Zimbabwe. Not every country in the world.


3- Manually enter a different country code, which will be automatically prefixed before dialing. This one less useful, because I'm likely to have already included that country and city code in the number I entered into my contacts list.


I love Skype, but this is a major problem that needs to be fixed before someone else does, and forces me to switch my allegiance to whoever does.


Tempus fugit. Clock is ticking. IS this problem being addressed, and WHEN will it be fixed?



Novel Tourist

this still doesnt explain anything! My counrty is the United States, so whats the code??????  BECAUSE IVE BEEN ENTERING *1 then the remainder of number. and it still doesnt work????  

This is a complete pain!!!!!!!!  

Novel Adventurer

I'm in Canada and have an Android with Bell mobility. I have a subscription and when I try to make a call it does what everyone issaying here. It also comes up as +1 with the U.S. flag when I'm trying to call the states, There isn't a way to enter 001 I am planning to use this when I go back to the states for a visit and am worried now that my skype won't work. I'm planning on this for my long distance. Also it doesn' have my contacts and says I don't have a Skype i number which is part of my subscrition. I am really frustrated trying to use this.


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