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Skype on my android phone constantly logs me out

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skype has been great up until the last couple of weeks.  Had the whole issue of my received messages going to my contacts as if from me - which appears to be being addressed now after a very embarassing experience earlier tonight!

The other problem is that the Skype on my phone constantly and randomly logs right out and shuts down.  Usually makes a long vibration as it does. Driving me insane as it's my main form of communication with some people and i am missing messages constantly. 

Can any one help?

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In an attempt to summarize what's been said here in the growing number of threads about this issue:


1) If you are on WiFi, make sure you have "Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep" set to "Always"
2) If that doesn't work and you have the ability, authority, and will to install a non-market APK, downgrade to Skype 2.7. (That seems to work for those here who have tried it but I can't verify myself.)
3) The "fix" given by customer support -- "Can you try to uninstall Skype on your account then turn it off then install again from Android market" -- seems to be the equivalent of waving a dead chicken over your phone. But, I'd still suggest contacting support so hopefully they'll eventually realize and acknowledge that this is an actual Skype 2.8 issue rather than continuing to try to blame folks' phones and OS settings. (One would think the 10 or so threads here would have done that but apparently not.)

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I just tried the online chat support on this issue, they clearly are not aware of the problem. Told me that i should disable my spell checker to make sure my password is typed in correctly??? the problem is not loggin in its staying logged in. The person then told me to make sure I have a stable connection, and upgrade my operating system. I am using HTC Desire HD, cannot upgrade to latest android. And that I must re-install skype. Of all the solutions offered the only one I can try is re-installing skype. I also have an issue that when you log in again, it takes up a lot of resources and makes my phone slow, takes about 20 min before I can use skype. I downloads my history, although on my pc I specified not to keep history

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I have the same problem! I is so anoying to be loggin in  all the time

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ok ty, solve mine
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i have the same prob too,,please help


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I have the same prob on my Galaxy note 2. It keeps logging off, it is so anoying drives me crazy. Skype dosent work properly 5 minutes on android.
I cant make a make a call for more then 5min, becuze it logs off and says skype is not working. so you should start it again :@ .on this ways it is really not possible to make a normal conversation.
pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fix it.
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Hi Mates

I had the same issue and have resolved it.

1) Install older version using astro file manager

2) Make sure that you are not using any battery saver which turn offs the Wifi when not in use which result in signing out of skype.

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Almost TWO years have gone by since your post, and using my new RUNBO X6 , with Android 4.3.2 the problem still exists.  SKYPE logs me out when it changes form WiFi to 3G, or the other way around.  The small ICON shows me online, but I am NOT online.  I would expect this kind of programming back in 1995 when WIN95 hit the market, but we have 2014 and I find this unacceptable.  I have a great idea, why doesn't Microsoft just buy up everything on the market, then let it all go to shi* like they did with SKYPE.  Or maybe WIN 75,000 and new cell phones, new computers, but they would STILL HAVE THE PROBLEM because they do not give a dam* about what the public has to say, or are to stupid to understand plain and simple English.

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