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Skype on my Galaxy Tab 2

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Novel Adventurer

I installed Skype on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.  Activated, set up account, paid $20.00.  Now when try to call a landline nothing happens.  Tried it both home wi-fi and connected to my desktop.  All I want to do is, once in awhile, have to ability to use my tablet to make a phonecall.  Is this possible or have I wasted $20?  Skype site says it is compatable with my GT(p3113).  Please help!!!!


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Novel Adventurer

I got it to work, at least for call to a landline number.  Not interested in Video.  Have not tried Skype to Skype yet either. I have a GT(P3113) model.

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Casual Tourist
What did you do to get your Samsung to call a landline number? I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and cannot get it to call a landline number.
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