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Skype on Samsung Galaxy Y Pro duos (GT-B5512)

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Dear sirs,


I've installed Skype on my cell phone (Galaxy Y Pro Duos) whose has front camera and allow to make phone video calls.


After installed skype, I've not found video calls button. In fact, there is no any button or configuration that ability/allow video calls by skype.


I'd like you to help me to make skype works well in may phone.


Best Regards,




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Dear sir,

I too Have the same problems, kindly help me out if you have the solution pls.

may mail ID is

*email removed*

Best regarsd



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I have a same problem plz help me for skype video calling my email id is
*email removed*

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My skype vedeo call not functioning
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i have same problem pls help me sir my id *email removed*


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Dear sirs.
I've also the same problem on making skype video call using my samsung pro duos GTB-5512, though it has both front and rear cameras. I kindly, ask you to forward me a solution.
With best regards.
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 hi, i do have the same problem my sype vedio calling is not functioning. please help me what to do?


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I have Skype on my galaxy nexus phone. When I make a Skype call writing appears all across my screen. The writing appears to be Skype call details and it blocks the picture. The picture of the person is in the background but the writing is on top of their picture. Please help, I do not want to see call details like the time of the call ticking off in front of my picture of the person that I am talking to. Help please!!!
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I have a new samsung galaxy duos and I installed skype, but I try to make a call or whrn someone calls me it stops and isn't able to make the call. Is there a solution about this?
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hi, i do have the same problem my sype
vedio calling is not functioning. please help
me what to do?
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