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Skype on Samsung Galaxy S3

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That is shame sk
ype is not working on galaxy s3 .best phone but no skype
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Skype worked 2 times on my Galaxy S3, and now I experience all the problems others have described.  No contacts, no phone ringing, no video chat joy.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled and still won't work.  Have installed Tango and will try that out.  If/when Microsoft decides to make this Skype app compatible I *may* consider coming back.  But Tango doesn't charge for anything and Skype does.  Hmmmm... guess that's what happens when Microsoft tries to take over too much.

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Was experiencing same issues as everyone else.  Tried re-installing this morning.  Video and audio calls are working now, contacts and skype credit appears.  Maybe a fix posted to the Andoid Market over the weekend?  

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So, apparently after 3 weeks of these same problems, nothing being done? I just downloaded Skye today, and still have the exact same problems as everyone else: doesn't allow me to log in the first few times, can't update the contacts or sticks at 3%, and call test doesn't work.


Why even both with Skype if it can't work on Samsung's flagship phone?

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It works !!!!  Don't know what changed TBH, but when my phone woke up this morning all was well with Skype.  My address book is current, alerts work, Incoming and outgoing IM, voice and video calls work.  Happy days.



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same here. I tried numerous times install/unistall. Tried for 2nd. time today & all works on my S111
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I gat same problem no .other s ms .all other working perfect?
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Well, tried to sign in again this AM. Nothing. Finally able to sign in, but no on-line contacts. Very frustrating.

tried again to no avail.

Is Skype listening????

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Again, today, could not sign in. \After 3 attempts I got in, but still no on-line contacts show up. Signed in & out, but still not working. Is anybody at Skype listening?????



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I managed to get skype to login via 3G. The only way I managed this though was to login via wifi then exit the app. Then I had to login again via 3G. This worked every time I did it......buuuuut there was one huge flaw every time I did this the app crashed within 30 secs. I couldn't even call the echo test without it crashing and then it decided that it would keep crashing even if I left it in standby. Stupid Skype is becoming more and more frustrating. Just need a decent cross platform voip and ill leave Skype. When I first had the software I loved it and was going to get the premium package but I can't warrant doing it when it is so temperamental on my PC and just plain doesn't work on my phone.

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