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Skype on Samsung Galaxy S3

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Having the same problem with my new s3...very unhappy. seems to only work - sporadically - if you turn off wireless option on the s3. even then, it failed on me midway thru a call.
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How do i add a contact ?
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Tango worked perfect!  Quality is about the same as Skype, but at least it has been updated for my Samsung!  To H*** with Skype!

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There is an even worse issue for the s3... I have redownloaded the file and the issue has changed.. I occasionally get the invalid password error, and that can be fixed by loggin into Skype from another device and then loggin out from that other device and restarting Skype on your s3 (considering you closed it from the settings>application manager area.. Then once I am able to log on NONE of my Skype contacts show up, when I attempt to search for my Skype contacts their names won't show up, when I search names on the Skype directory also they will not show up.. Haven't been able to fix this one.. Also when calling someone the screen says "calling" and doesn't change to ringing once it is ringing... That feature is a huge benefit because it may just be lag that will show contacts online sometimes but if it says ringing their device in my experience has been on.. Also the Bluetooth issue, I would think this would be a big upcoming issue with how hard the s3 is being pushed into customers heads... I have plantronic Bluetooth wireless headphones which work great.. Except on my s3, iPhone 4 were alright though. A trick if anyone is having that would be switch to the headset first ( even I it's already set to headset) then switch to Bluetooth f it shows. That should kind of fix a glitch. Hope this helps someone
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Its ok
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Hi? Do you know how to fix any of this??
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Works on Galaxy S3(VZW) to Mac laptop (unknown model - bought in 2011). If you don't see the option to video chat you might need to go into settings and enable it (I was given a warning my device wasn't certified as others but it works nonetheless.

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That is shame skype is not working on galaxy s3
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That is shame sk
ype is not working on galaxy s3
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