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Skype on Samsung Galaxy S3

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I got mine to work today. Verizon S3. I voice called then switched to camera mid-call. It worked great over 4G. Wi-Fi not so much. You'd think it'd be the opposite. Just keep trying is my suggestion :-/   It worked for about 20 minutes, then we got disconnected, then kept calling each other over and over and had problems connecting for a good 5 minutes. Then finally it reconnected again and it worked well--front camera and back camera. Only thing was I could see myself on the main screen and not the other person I was talking to. Skype needs to build the compatibility. It's not the phone/manufacturer. And you're using "Skype" not "Skype mobile on Verizon" right?

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Right I'm using Skype, the mobile keeps telling me my phone isn't compatable.  But they'll send me an email when it is. 

I wonder if it will work over 3G.  4G is spotty in my area right now. 

Thank you so much for your input,  It gives me hope that it may actually work soon!

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I don't think it would work on 3G :-/ Maybe voice call would and not video. I've not gotten the "mobile is not compatible" message since I first installed, so perhaps we have different versions of the phone. Mine is the SCH-I535. Best of luck!
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Got mine to work yesterday but it was choppy even on 4G.  I've given up on trying for now because it's soooo frustrating!


I hope they come out with a solution soon because there has to be a reason why it's not working 100% of the time.  =/

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Just got the galaxy 3 and Skype does not work. Yu think Skype would read these since it is on their site and at least give an explanation. I will see if whistle has an app for android.
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I have the verizon version and skype worked when i first got the phone, not anymore. Since Skype got purchased by microsoft, its pretty much turned into how reliable a microsoft product really is. I wonder if they know that over 10 million s3's have been sold.. im sure they'll fix it one day, when it doesn't really matter anymore.

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I was able to get it to finally work BUT it was short lived!

Found a google chat and it's much better!

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i hav tried numerous times to call from skype in my new SG S3.initially it was working fine,but after using for few days,it started giving real trouble.Now, even i m not able to login.i feel samsung galaxy is not supporting skype.
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I am ready to ditch my 4G Samsung Galaxy III over this issue!  Disgusting.......

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