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Skype on Samsung Galaxy S3

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Check with your provider. Must be something wrong with your phone. I just did hard resetting on my i3 phone with tech. From AT&T help and I do have my Skype account back. People from Samsung where helpless telling me that they not responsible for 3rd party app. You heard this right? But it was phone corrupted.

Good luck with your problem.

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I just tried to download "Skype for Android" on my new S3 and it said that it was not compatible with my phone. They said it needed an updated skype and they would email me when the update came out.

Anyone else? Has anyone gotten it to work (Verizon)?

I just downloaded Tango and will try it.

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I was able to login the first time, but now I can't even do that. It just kept on crashing Sprint Galaxy S3 here

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Verizon Galaxy S3 user here and have the same problems as others. Agree we do need a update to Skype now! Come on Microsoft, as you should know Skype works fine on Apple phones. Go figure.

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I have a different issue.  I cannot get any contacts up on my Verizon S3.  Have reinstalled the app, clicked on 'check my address book', it goes off to do it, but freezes at 1%.  No contacts, no Skype, no good.  Works great on my iPad................

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I installed the nightly build of CyanogenMod 9 d2spr and now Skype works great. So this time it's Samsung's touchwiz at fault.
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I just got the Samsung S3 and am having similar problems with the app.  I log in and on occasion see my contacts and have been successful making maybe 1 or 2 calls thus far.  I've had my phone a week now.  But for the past few days I have not been able to make any calls.  Either no one shows up on my contact list (not even Ms. Echo Test) or the people show up but I call them and they don't get my calls.


We need a fix for this pls!


Oh I should mention I had a Droid 2 before and had no problems but it didn't have video capabilities.

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When I installed Skype for Android on Verizon S3, a message said something along the lines of "your phone's not compatible, but you can give it a shot and it might work." Just tried over 4G network. I could see the other user, but my camera wouldn't work. It kept defaulting to "no camera." I tried to enable front, but it defaulted back to "no camer." Tried back camera, same thing. Voice worked well though--he could hear me, and I could see and hear him. Then it disconnected after about 12 minutes, and I couldn't get a video or a voice call to connect. Hoping for an update sooner than later. Screenshot attached of what I saw.

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I am having the same problem. It will not recognize that I am online. thus no calls or even IMs
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I am getting the same thing. 

Has anyone gotten any answers? 

The main reason I got this phone was for Skype. 

I guess I should have researched it better.

This is so frusterating!

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