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Skype on Samsung Galaxy S3

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Microsoft obviously doesn't care about the complaints in this, their own, forum.  They also don't care about the massive number of negative comments piling up in the Google Play reviews of the latest versions of Skype (almost all of which are now negative).


If they're really stupid enough to think I'm going to drop Android for a Windows 8 phone because of this little 'problem', they obviously have a screw loose.  There are plenty of alternatives for Android users, although I would prefer to stick with Skype as I have several hundred contacts who know my Skype telephone number.


So, let's make it a pocketbook issue for Microsoft.  To wit, how do we get refunds on any outstanding Skype credits and now unusable Skype telephone numbers?  If that starts happening (and gets publicized), maybe, just maybe they'll fix it.

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Unfortunately, Microsoft knows that relatively few will abandon Skype. People can still use it on their PCs. Its hard when the receiving party is using (and is used to) Skype to change. Change to what too? Tango which has its own issues.


It is correct that if someone like Android Central took the issue and published the deficiency maybe Microsoft would at least comment.


All we ask for is some acknowledgement of an issue from Microsoft. Its similar to my beef with the carriers and releases. I strongly believe they know when JB is going to be available. Give people some info as to the approximate release date.

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Thanks to the jerry 62941, l have followed your instruction it works hope this will for a long run.
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I had some luck getting Skype to work today... read on...


I'm having most of the same issues everyone here is describing on my S3 as well-

These issues are hit & miss. Sometimes its a problem.

Sometimes it works fine. Very flaky.
-Doesn't remember passwords and/or sign-in info
-When it does remember it won't connect.
-When it does connect it may not load some or all of my contacts.
Right now I just tried signing out and the app is hung, just sitting there spinning with the message "Signing out..." for 5 minutes.
I had to "END" the app in Task Mgr.
Tried signing back in and it just sits there spinning at the Skype logo screen.


So... Not sure if this will help anyone else or not but I got mine working doing the following...

First I made sure Skype was not running in the Task Mgr. 

Then I updated all of my other apps that I have installed, there were quite a few, about 20, that needed updating. 

Once I finished updating all other apps on the phone I restarted it. Tried Skype and it worked fine. No telling how long this will work but it seems to work now. I tried a couple IM's and they worked fine. I can see all my contacts and obviously sign-in just as its supposed to. Probably just due to the restart but who knows... I had tried restarting before and it didn't work like it did this time after updating all apps.

Give it a go. Good luck!



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Does anyone have skype tel#? I really want to talk to these idiots and so should everyone w/skype problem on galaxy slll. PLEASE let me have their phone #
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I think it borders on corporate idiocy to have a best selling product such as the Galaxy iii go without the Skype app!  It is ridiculous - I have gone without Skype for 4 months while waiting for a fix.  I have been using Tango but it is pretty lame compared to a fully functioning Skype.   What ever happened to market demand creating an improvement?

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I basically emailed what I said in my last post to and received this reply from


Thank you for your email. Unfortunately this email address is no longer in use. 

Please follow these steps to contact us:
1. Visit our support website at:

2. Please try to find an answer to your question first by searching our Knowledge Base. 
3. If you do not find an answer, click "Get more help" in the far-right column
4. Sign-in using your Skype account username and password
5. Select Email Support
6. Fill out our form with as much information as possible and click the "Send Support Request" button at the end.

We will get back to you as soon as possible; a reply may take up to 24 hours.

We look forward to helping you enjoy using Skype!



Will follow up on this and let you know.

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And by the way...
Samsung Galaxy S3 (SCH-I535MBBVZW)
Stock Android 4.0.4
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I just made a call, it worked. I signed out. I signed back in. I made another voice call and it all seemed to work. Time will tell I suppose. I'm wondering if one of the other apps that I updated (mentioned earlier) was causing problems since it seems to be working nice and fast now. I tried it on both my home wi-fi and 4G. Both worked great.
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Skype is aware of the problem. They just aren't fixing it.  Contacting tech support is futile. And all of your kludges are just what anthropolgists call "superstitious behavior." You do something. It works once but then the next time it doesn't. The problem is sporadic. Sometimes Skye works and sometimes not.  It is not your kludge.The only thing that does work is to uninstall cleanly and reinstall.  That is not acceptable.

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