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Skype on Nook Tablet

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I installed Skype on my B&N Nook Tablet (OS Android 2.3.4). Logging and instant messaging are OK but I can't make a call. The problem is that the Skype don't recognize build-in microphone. I tested the microphone with other application (Voice recorder) and it works.


Please help!



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Still waiting for Skype on Nook or Kindle before buying:-)
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wow...i can not help with the microphone trouble...but could you tell me how you even downloaded skype to your nook.  i have been at the android app site but it keeps asking me for a phone number.  also tried the google play.  where are you going?

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How can i installed skype on B& N Nook Tablet ? And secondly can i install google play for Nook tablet?
Plz somebody help me
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I'd also like to know how to install it. I just want the chat.
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how did u get skype on the nook tablet?!?!?!?
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can i get skype on nook hd+tablet


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I have Nook HD. I installed (or preinstalled) google play. From there downloaded skype. I can login, call (but I cannot hear other person) and IM. As for the sound issue, one post suggested using a headset with earphones only. I will check this out as soon as I locate a headset.
Hope this helps.
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Located a headset, no mic, and I know can hear the other person. I will post if I have dropped calls as stated in the first post of the discussion.
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