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Skype on Motorola Atrix

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Casual Adventurer

Being a long time user of Skype, I am really dissapóinted at its inability to make the Motorola Atrix or other smarphones work with it. probably they are not interested as owner changed.


I am a Atrix user with Gingerblur and will never get an upgrade from Motorola, morover, I live outside the USA, so if Skype does not do the job I am out of it.


Sorry Skype, other options on the map and for FREE. Talkatone is one of them and will be out for Android in the next few weeks

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Novel Adventurer

don't understand what you mean. Have been a Motorola Atrix user since April 2011 and I have used Skype on it since then, in both 3G and Wifi networks.


Don't understand what do you mean by no upgrades from motorola either.... well, there have been 3 updates from Motorola since Atrix launched. Most recent was last week when the Atrix was upgraded to Gingerbread (Android 2.3.4). That means soon we will have Skype video too, but in the meanwhile you still can use Qik video, Google Talk video, or Tango in your Atrix.

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Do you know when Skype will be available for Atrix? I just downloaded the gingerbread update.

I just got the phone, and one of the main appeals to me was being able to use the front camera for video chatting. I know other service will work but all my friends and family are on skype and im not about to try and get my 66 year old mother to be handy with a new platform.....

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Hey skype staff!!! I know y'all moderate these things... I hope everyone is over there working on a skype update that has video chat for atrix, but can anyone take a second to tell me when it will be available?

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Novel Adventurer

still cant video chat on atrix 4 - any update?

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Casual Tourist

I have a motorola atrix and I had been running skype successfully on it for quite some time.  I uninstalled it and have been trying to install skype for android with no success.  I tried using both browser and google play.  I accept and install and it goes to a screen with downloading but the downloading bar is full with diagonal lines through it.  Even though I have left it uninterrupted all night it still will not download skype to my phone.  Please help 

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