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Skype on HTC Wildfire

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Just got my new HTC Wildfire, installed as first thing Skype. But whats happening only bad connections, cant here my friends on the other site? 

Un-installed it, downloaded it again and still the same, can't here anything.


What must I do now?  Got a new smartphone specially for Skype in Wifi enviroment and in 3G usage......


Help please.......

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I think you will find that when the proximity sensor cuts in the processor runs slower,as it acts as a battery saver.Therefore there is not enough cpu speed to run Skype,which requires about 600mhz.Check you phones' spec. & see what your processor speed is,my Wildfire is 528mhz,but with the proximity sensor activated it's only 480mhz.

Maybe the only way round it is to put the phone onto loudspeaker & turn the volume down to 30% & use that as your earpiece,that's what i do anyway,but it's still not good.

You can try installing an older version of Skype. ie: ,try www freewarelovers . com / android / apps /skype old_versions .[ Not able to post direct links here.]Go to bottom of page & it shows all old versions.If you search on your phone,you can download the version you want directly into your mobile.


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Unfortunately Skype for Android does not work on a Wildfire. I have spent the last few hours researching this. It's a shame as I just got a new Wildfire S on contract and seeing as Skype worked perfectly on my old Nokia E51 I assumed it would on this handset. The skype website claims that it is compatible but this is untrue. I have been unable to find out if the developers at Skype are working on a version for less high powered (i.e 5-600mhz) Android phones ... the general opinion is that they are not. Although it appears that they are very much aware of the situation.


The workaround with the headphones/speaker option does help a little, but it's by no means stable.


I have heard people mentioning Nimbuzz as a good solution for Wildfire users. Has anyone else got any experience of using this service?


Fingers crossed a solution to this will become available soon.

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Will try to get a older version of Skype. Its a bummer that it doesnt work on my new HTC Wildfire. Will keep you posted if I have found a working version of Skype Android.


If you have better or more tips they are more then welcome!!!!

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Let me know if there will come a new version for our HTC Wildfire. If you found it


**bleep** what a shame that nobody knew this, me inclusive, I bought it for this purpose and to call in Wifi enviroments and 3G networks, all tips & info are more then welcome if you know more

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This problem with Wildfire phones and the Skype Android app first shows up a year ago. The app requires a minimum 600mhz processor. There is some debate as to whether it is a 'bug' or something fundamental in the app coding. It seems crazy to me that the Android version of this app should require so much more processing power than the Symbian version. Either way, it seems unlikely that a fix for this will now appear seeing as the problem has been around for such a long time. I wish I had known about it before choosing the Wildfire ...although I'm not sure I would have opted for one of the enormous phones with more power just to run Skype. For now I will also take my old E51 with me when I travel simply to use Skype over WIFI when I need it.

I have read that the older version of Skype also does not work on a Wildfire.

Sorry, I seem to be offering nothing but bad news! I will certainly post here if working version does get released. Good luck.

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Sticksman,you're correct,i don't think any further action will be taken by Skype.The only other way aroind the cpu speed problem is to overclock the phone,but that's not straight forward,especially if you have updated to 2.2.

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i've wildfire with froyo branded, no root. i've installed skype version 1.983 and zeam launcher. this works. try it.

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Can you help me with the link were I can download this version?




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None of the older Skype Apps are working on the HTC Wildfire. :mad:


Also the beta lite version will not work, still the sound / voice is broken into pieces, and the beta lite are very poor versions that should be payed when you call the device, I have no ideas anymore, but it's really bad that this will not work at all.........n): :mad:



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