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Skype on Android tablets

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I have a reliance 3g tab with gingerbread (2.3). But the video calling is not working. Please help...

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Claudius: Yes I have tried deleting the Appdata via Android setting and restarting.

Still I have a black screen both my end and the other person's.  One of my colleagues has a Xoom too and has exactly the same problem.  If you look through the forum you will see we are not the only ones.


My Xoom's hardware version? The model is MZ604.  My Xoom and I are both from the UK so we don't get ICS yet.


Also seems that forcing close doesn't work if I'm in a call I still get toast popups telling me I'm in the call.

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Skype works on most tablets but functions vary,some text only,others audio only, I have a MID703 from ebay at about £150 Skype already loaded,works perfect on video

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I have had no problems downloading skype onto my Samsung Galaxy Tab P1010 and getting all available updates.  But I am having trouble with getting the video images with the front facing camera.  (I have tested the camera - it works both ways, but not with skype).


As you are so pleased with yours being better than your phone, have you any suggestions for why I cannot get pictures?


Thank you



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Do you use a headset with your Galaxy? If so what kind - USB? Bluetooth? Are you able to use phone? video? text?
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dmiller wrote:

I have related issue with my new ASUS Transformer.  I uploaded the app and it works fine with a headset/mic plugged into the port...

What kind of headset/mic do you use - USB?  Bluetooth?  What version of Skype?


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kooolpanda wrote:
I have Skype for Android installed on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 that I bought in UAE. It works fine over WiFi ...

Do you use a headset?  If so, what kind - USB? Bluetooth?

What version of Skype do you use?

Can you use both video and voice?  Instant messageing?

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I only use headphones for listening to music.  My Galaxy tab is not a phone - it has Wifi only, not 3G but has bluetooth .  Thankyou for your interest, have you any suggestions?

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ecclescake11 wrote:

I only use headphones for listening to music.  My Galaxy tab is not a phone - it has Wifi only, not 3G but has bluetooth .  Thankyou for your interest, have you any suggestions?

I'm here to see what Android tablets can run Skype before I spend money on a tablet.  That's why I'm curious to know how much you can do with your Samsung Galaxy WiFi-only tablet.  It sounds as if you successfully make telephone calls using Skype.  Is that true?  If so, what do you use for the audio output and input if you don't use a headset?  Or DO you use a headset for Skype telephone calls?


And your only problem now is with extending the Skype usage to video.  Is that true?


Since I am mainly interested in voice communication over Skype using a WiFi connection, I'm very interested in hearing about your experiences with it.


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You can use skype on a Samsung Galaxy tab without headphones as there is audio output when headphones are not plugged in. I bought the tab to take on holiday to save carting a load of books (you can download a kindle app), send emails, use skype and listen to music which i transferred from my laptop.  Skype quality depends on the strength of the internet connection. I'm not sure whether  my difficulties with video are due to skype or to the tablet.  THAT is what I am trying to find out.  You would have no problems with the Galaxy tab if you only want skype audio.




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