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Skype on Android tablets

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Novel Adventurer

I am interested in getting my first Android based Tablet. (Apple TOO EXPENSIVE)

Most likely one running an older version of Android as it is cheaper.

Most these are running 2.0 or 2.2 Froyo.

From what I am reading Skype won't work on most!

This concerns me.

Exactly what Android OS version will Skype wor,k on a Tablet?

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Novel Adventurer

I have the Samsung Galaxy (Android) and my Skype works great!  Better than on my Android phone actually!

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Community Manager
Skype works on most devices with Android 2.x - If you want to use video calling though you should look for at least Android 2.3 or later.

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What version Android do you run?
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Good point, yes I must have the full video capabilities. Also Reading much on the web as well as watch a few youtube vids, being careful of the year the video was uploaded I was wary of min version. I find most of the lower priced units run 2.2 and they all seem to only have voice. Do you have links to using skype on ver 2.3?
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As a paying customer, I just wish Skype would start to separate  Android tablets from Android phones and realize their growth potential.  Every try to plug in a laptop at Starbucks these days, they have removed most of the plugs in their stores or disabled them in many of their locations.  The longer battery life/lighter weight makes Android tablets ideal for such situations; typing into a tablet is hard enough- try composing a few pages on an iphone.   


Skype has yet to deliver a good working version for my Viewsonic Android tablet.  The voice only Beta versions work for a while but then they stop working which makes them unreliable at best.  


Android tabblets are a growth area that Skype needs to address directly.  Please do so soon before Google does and takes our payments to their service.



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Claudius says 2.3 or later, but my Xoom with 3.2 doesn't work with video calls, it worked with Skype version but the last two updates have killed it.  And what I mean by that is if you start a video call you can see yourself, but as soon as the other person answers both videos go black and you can't hang up, you have to litrally kill the application.


So it may work on 2.3 and later just not Xoom?

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JonKong: Did you try deleting the App's Appdata via Android Settings -> Apps? Then restart the device and try Skype again. We have a Xoom in house for testing and it does videocalling all fine.


Can you please also specify which Motorola Xoom hardware version your are using? And did you check if you can upgrade your Android to 4.0 "Icecream Sandwich"? It should be available for the Xoom since January.

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I have related issue with my new ASUS Transformer.  I uploaded the app and it works fine with a headset/mic plugged into the port.  However, there are no mic settings on the Skype App that I could find to allow me to use the onboard microphone built into the Transformer.  Is this coming in a newer version of the app?

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I have Skype for Android installed on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 that I bought in UAE. It works fine over WiFi but when I connect over 3G it signs me in but it doesn't show the status of my contacts and I show as being offline to them. What could the problem be? Appreciate any help.
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