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Skype on Android tablet

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Hi. Is there a version for tablets? can't download the widely available version (assume its for phones only?), and can't find another version on a google search. I have Android 2.2.

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Try downloud skype program from Andoid Market. IT works, but no video cal on tablet.
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Do we have any inklings as to a release date?  I'm looking to replace a laptop, but need skype tablet functionality before completely "cutting the cord".

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Some functions in some tablets does not work on tablet. Some has video with skype, orthes no... It seens that microsofit will not up-date skype for android... I am forced to move to google talk, that has video and msn... I will not go to MSN... MSN no thanks.  By the way: even with tablet, some funcions in others app we still need a desktop/laptop... (I realy cant belive on that, but it is true).

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Me too, I'm looking for a Skype version for Android tablets. Someone has found it ?
If I download from the market the "Skype" the installation is okay but when I login, I have the message "interruption - reinstall it" and even I do it, it's always the same thing: same message etc. Maybe there is another version of Skype for Android ? or someone knows how to fix the problem ? Please, help me...

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ooVoo promises to support 6-way video chat on Android, iPhone, Mac & Windows desktop.


Watch out Skype, if you won't support video on Android tablets prepare for a loss of market share.

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There are a number of recently released Android tablets and phones currently on the market that have front and rear cameras that are not supported by Skype for Android. This is because the processors (Tegra 2) does not support the "NEON" instruction set. Earlier in the year (January 2011?) Nvidia demonstrated an Android application on the Asus Transformer that was built using the Skype "Skypekit".


Why can't skype use this "Skypekit" to make skype work with the Tegra processor

? When will Skype support the Tegra 2 processor ?

There is a growing demand for video calls on tablets and phones. If Skype doesn't support that demand, they'll lose a big chunck of their market.



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they have skype in the market. i haven't had a problem with it on my acer iconia a500. it still doesn't support video calling. on my evo 4g it does now support video.


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Please tell me what version to download on a Galaxy 7" tablet.  thanks!

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