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Skype notification while skype not running

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First of all i don't know very good English, so forgive me about the way i type.


I have a Galaxy Note 3 with android 4.3

i also have skype on the device.


A few minutes ago i sign in to skype from my computer someone messages me and i get a notification to my galaxy device (skype wasn't running on galaxy)

i slide down ....  i click on the notification ..and galaxy sign in to skype as well.


can someone explain how did this happen ?

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same for me.

Anyone else?



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I have had this issue for a couple of weeks now. There could be hours between having signed out on the app and getting a notification. I also have another bug that seems related, the app will sync messages already synched, but only messages from contacts and not my own. So I will suddenly get a couple of messages that were sent to me before, in chronological order, but without my replies. These show up as new messages, saying they were sent "Just now". 


I often have skype running on both app and windows, and I can't say for sure this happens if I'm only signed in on the app, but I can say it happens regardless of wether I just logged in on windows or not. I could be signed in on both for an hour and suddenly the app will sync the old messages again. Or I could have been signed out on app and in on windows for hours when the app desides to show me notifications for (usually older) messages. It could very well be related to when the contact signs in though.


Samsung Galaxy s2, android 4.1.2, skype version

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honestly i like this.

But i don't know how it happened
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