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Skype not working on Android phone

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Im using sony ericson, xperia skype not working.
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It tried to sign in and it take abt 30min then later it will tell i ve to check my fon settings

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It tried to sign in and it take abt 30min then later it cant not login in at this time and check my fon settings

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guys the only thing i can tell you is what i said b4...esp because you dont give any details of what the error exactly says...


so, once again here is what you do...if this doesnt work, then i dont know what to tell you...


goto your phone settings...goto applications...goto manage on the skype on the clear data button...thats it.


when you try to login to skype after doing what i just said you should be able to login fine...again, if you still cant, then all i can say is good luck...

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Skype has not yet cleared video calling on some android devices like mine for instance (BLU Studio 5.3) so you wont be able to Skype video call but you can be able to chat with your friends on skype. Firstly you need to clear the data on your app, you can do this by Settings>Applications>Manage applications. Then click on the app and click clear data this will make it seem like you hav just installed the app for the first time, now just rub the app and a message will come up asking you if to enable video calling just click cancel and you're ready to skype message your friends
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The message will appear after u sign in and by "rub" I meant run....hehe.... hope this helps
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Brothers it will not because things are Microsoft hands and android is not Microsoft product .this company is well known for monopoly games.

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thank you, I tried exactly what you suggest, but the message is again:

"cannot be signed in at htis time, please check your mobile network settings and try again"

I have a Samsung GT 55660 adn the operator of the miobile network it telecom (Italy).


Skype worked fina a few month ago on the mobile, but than it disappeared and now after downloading it again   it does download, but I cannot sign in (see above). 


Maybe it is Telecom who does block the connection? This is what I suspect now! I connect only thtough wi-fi, so maybe Telecom wants that I connect through her? But if I pay for a month connectio will skype work than? I fear not. 


Thank you, maybe other people have the same problem?





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Thanks for the solution. It helped me to make it work in my Motorola Razr D3.
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I have the same problem there is no voice when i called to my samsung galaxy young from any android phone this is just because of new skype in old version of skype that was very good everything was ok

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