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Skype mobile login problems

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Casual Tourist

I can successfully enter my password in Skype, on my computer.  When I enter the same password on my new Android phone, Skype says it's an incorrect password.

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Novel Tourist

I have the same problem here. I have a generated, complex password, which does not work.

If I change the password to a simple phrase, i can log in on my android phone.


But simple passwords are not the solution, i think.

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Casual Tourist

I have Android phone comes with skype can never login

Android 2.2.1

Downloaded and installed latest skype many times still no luck

Any help... please

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Novel Tourist

I have the same problem ..


There is a big problem with the login procedure .


Please Fix it.  PLEASE  .....



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Casual Tourist

This is now March of 2012 and I have the same problem. I can log in on the computer but not on Android. Skype is really on top of this problem. In a pigs eye.

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Novel Tourist
I just got a new Samsung Galaxy S2 with the latest Android and I am also not able to login to my Skype account.
Can somebody please tell me why that does not work?
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New user here. HTC Desire. I am also having the login problems as reported above. I would like to use Skype on the mobile as well as my home PC but this appears to be a really bad app. I also notice that there has been no response from anyone at Skype on this thread. 


Looks like they just don't care!

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Hi, I updated on my HTC Sensation (Android 4.0) skype 2.8, it was A HUGE MISTAKE, can´t login, says check Yout network connection (all other apps with internet needed DO WORK), unintalling an d new install didn´t help, so You can get old versions for example on:   (skype 2.6 for example)

remember to allow non android market apps to be installed (settings/security in the menue) on Your mobile device! It also might help to power off and take the battery away and restart again (configuring apps again), try both, for me it worked, don´t use automatic updates other ways You get 2.8 skype immediately again!

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Routine Adventurer

I had the same problem and cleared cache in the Settings-Applications-Skype.

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This solution worked for me on my HTC Sensation XE with Beats, running ICS. Thanks.

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