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Skype is looking for your Bluetooth feedback

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Over the past months we have heard continued feedback on using Bluetooth devices together with Skype for Android. While some users can perform Skype calls without any issues others can't even get the headset to be recognized within the app.


Our developers spent quite some time in improving the support within the app but obviously we can't test every combination of Android and Bluetooth devices. That's where you, our Skype community, comes into play: We would you to tell us which are your most popular (and most problematic) devices that we should look into and fix to work with Skype. Besides: We are also interested to hear if your Bluetooth device is working great with Skype. Please leave that feedback here as well.


Helping us help you is very easy:

  1. Please check if there's already an "Idea" posted here on the Android Bluetooth Feedback board. Simply run a Search for your Bluetooth device name. If you found an idea and you also have problems simply vote up that idea by pressing the "+1" button - If you have anything to add you can leave a comment below the idea.
  2. If you could not find an existing idea press the blue New Idea button on the Android Bluetooth Feedback board. Name your exact Bluetooth device in the idea title and describe which problems you encounter. Also please add the Android device name and Android OS version you are using. The more information, the better we can reproduce and work on fixing the problem.

Our product team will take a look at the top 5 problematic devices next week. They will share their feedback with you in a Live Event here on the community end of next week (Friday, June 15th). You will see more on this in the "Announcements" section to the right in the next days.

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used to work fine until an update about 2 months ago..

Motorola H375

and Motorolla Cliq Titaninum ( Firmware 2.1 - update 1)

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Link to problems with Samsung TAB GT-P1000, Android Gingerbread 2.3.3 with Skype v and Nokia BH905i headset.


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Link problem with prestigio multipad pmp7074b3g,android2.3.3 with skype v and jabra bt2045bluetooth handset
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asus transformer prime latest updates + skype latest version + plantronics m20 =wont work together

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Asus Transformer Pad TF300T, ANDROID 4.0.3 with Skype v will not work with Emerson wireless headset model EM229
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Jawbone icon and HTC desire hd works great on Shame about the other issues though with incorrect status and random closing down after an hour or so.
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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (ICS 4.0.3) & Skype 


Wired headset works fine (tried both iPhone and Skull Candy headsets), and mic/earbud works fine.  Speaker works fine.  Tried Plantronics ATT1521, Dragon Callpod V2, and Apple bluetooth headsets, no sound/mic on any of them.


I have NOT tried any of the kludges mentioned elsewhere on the Skype forums to get it working.

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I was just told today by "Kimani" from Asus support that the Transformer Tf300T, TF101, and Prime Pads were not designed to work with bluetooth headsets at all. They were made for bluetooth mice and keyboards only. If others have functionality it is by sheer luck. I feel deceived by ASUS at this point, and desire to return this product.
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