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Skype icon not showing notification as email or text icons do

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Novel Adventurer

Does anyone know why the Skype icon doesn't dynamically show notifications like any other icon on the android platform?


If I get an email - my mail icon displays this by incrementing a number over the mail icon - same for my texts. However the skype icon doesn't change - even if I have had a recent message. If I click on the icon to open the skype app - I then see a red notification on the recent icon within. What I want to know is - can I get these notifications on the skype icon on my homepage like the mail and text icons? I miss so many messages this way ...



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Novel Tourist
I would like to know this as well. As is, the icon is useless and having to open up Skype to see if any activity was missed is really annoying. Does anyone know of a workaround? Thanks.
Novel Adventurer
I see lots of other users are asking for notification in the top notification bar on Android phones too. Even this would be better than no notification at present. Does anyone know of a solution yet?
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