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Skype for Samsung Galaxy S2

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Novel Adventurer

Anyone knows why Skype doesn`t have a link for the video-calls on the Galaxy2 ? I just switched-out from the HTC Evo 3D and that one had the Skype working like a champ: video-calls on the go, phone calls, you name it.When I got the Galaxy 2,I asked the sales guy if I could have Skype on it and he said" of course.Just get it from the Android Market".I did, but the video-call link is not there.Any candid advise ?

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Novel Adventurer

I can make video calls on my Samsung Galaxy S2 - from either the skype app itself or from the phone book

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Novel Tourist
How can i setup skype on my mobile.
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Novel Adventurer

I can't get the sound to go through to my Bluetooth headset fronm Skype on my Galaxy S2 - I already tried BTmono but that doesn't work.

Anyone got any ideas ???


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