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I downloaded skype on my new phone, it worked OKfor a few days and then stopped. I deleted skype and downloaded it again but I can no longer use Skype. I was told by my provider Verizon that since it's a new phone you haven't developed the app for this phoen yet. How then was I able to use it for a few days? And if you are really not ready for this phone, when will you be? How shall I find out?

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I have the same problem!!!! I'm already TIRED of having problems with skype on my Galaxy s III all the time!!!!!!!!!! Will it change ????

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I would like to use my skype account on my Galaxy S III to phone a land line.


How do I get Skype down loaded to my phone.



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I had skype on my Samsung Galaxy S3. About two days ago it stopped making or receiving any calls. Re-loaded Skype again to my and still doesn't work. Is this how it's gonna be? It was working perfect for three months, please help I really need it.
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