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Skype for Hudl

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I had the same. Crashed and rebooted first time, then the first two times I tried to make video calls, eventually made a call that unacceptably dark. It appeared that the app did not install properly.

Dear Skype can you check the package installs properly on hudle?
Also can you adjust screen brightness for hudl?
Thank you
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Same problem. Here's hoping the tech team can fix it quickly.f
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having the same issue, restarts or tablet goes off on message entry...

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Had the same problems. Most annoying as the HUDL works so well in other apps..
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Just to add to the list of hUDL owners with Skype crashing/rebooting as soon as I try to either call or write a message. It works if someone Skypes me, but than the HUDL camera front facing camera is soooo dark to be pointless.

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If you touch the video display and set the display to night mode rather than auto, I found that did improve the lighting a bit

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Same issues here, Skype crashes almost instantly when it's launched, some times will work for a few seconds then crashes and I have to hard reset the device. Please fix this skype
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Thank you for your input, we will test with this device internally and hope to improve the experience if we see the problem.

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Any updates? I love Skype and bought my elderly parents a Hudl primarily to use Skype. Like the other people here, I am sooo disappointed in this conflict. I wonder should I return the Hudl for another tablet or will there be a fix coming down the line soon?

Many thanks,
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hi Skype technical team - have you been able to replicate the problem on the HUDL - this is REALLY frustrating that Skype is the ONLY app i cannot use on the HUDL

it just reboots Skype at the point the other person answers the voice call or when i answer an incoming call



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