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Skype for Hudl

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Has anybody successfully used Skype on the new Hudl tablet from Tesco? When I carry out the Skype test, I am unable to get my voice recording.
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Accepted by acampos (Staff)
‎28-08-2015 11:00
So there has been a Skype update which I've applied to the Hudl.
So far Skype seems to be more stable.....
Anyone else noticed a difference ?


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Keeps crashing when connected to a video call. Looks like same problem that affected the nexus 4 after the last android update though that was fixed with a Skype app update.
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I can make a call but with video calling can only see myself and not the other person. Any ideas on how this can be changed? I can only seem to switch between the front and rear camara. Thanks 

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The other person needs to have answered using the video camera icon not the telephone icon. Maybe you've got so far without it crashing due to the fact a proper video connection wasn't made! Still seems to be a problem with the Nexus 4 too.

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Tried video calling from a hudl to a nexus7 running android 4.3 & it works OK but not the other way round - as soon as the call is answered on the hudl skype crashes.
Another issue is the brightness on the hudl webcam - there doessn't appear too be a way to change it for Skype. When compared to the nexus camera it is very dark
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Same problem on my Hudl - cannot make a call without Skype restarting and at one point it restarted the tablet. All other apps seem to work fine.
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Novel Tourist

Same problem here.


Skype crashes when a video call is either made from the Hudl or requested from a contact. 


Sometimes it causes the whole device to reboot but usually causes Skype to restart.  Sometimes it then stops further communications ( calls / messages) coming through and Skype needs to be forcefully stopped and restarted.


My workaround to this problem is to setup a voice call first, when it is fully established, then try to initiate video. (however, only tested on my Hudl)


Edit: Skype version -, Android version - 4.2.2


Dear Skype, please fix this as it's a reet royal pain in the ...



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Yes, I have same problem. I tried to call a mobile pH number as well as a skype contact and every time, it closes skype and
tries to restart itself. Once it also turned the hurl off completely.
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I just got a hudl couple days ago and first used Skype yesterday. As soon as I logged in the hudl turned itself off. Second attempt it turns off after couple mins. Since then skype Has been very moody. My hudl has only had problems with Skype, all other apps have been fine. I was considering returning the hudl back but now I've found this post, seems like other hudl users have similar problems so even if I sent it back, I'd still have problems with a new replacement. I'm not happy as I use Skype a lot and is a main reason why I have a hudl.
Is this an android problem or a hudl problem?
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On my first hudl it would sometimes crash once I started typing a message, then would randomly turn the hudl of. I had to return the hurl for other reasons, and this second hurl does exactly the same. Sometimes it works perfectly...sometimes Skype crashes and sometimes it crashes the hud :/
No idea why but for now its better than looking at the small screen on my mobile so I'm just putting up with it..hoping a hudl update in the future will sort it out.
Also...I can't connect at all to a voice call.
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