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Skype for Android made in China

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Dear Claudius, dear Skype staff, dear forum readers,


I was so happy at first when I found the web page with the latest version of Skype 2.6 for Android.


I was less happy when I read online this post that happeared in front of me:

"This app is incompatible with your China Telecom Infotmic P745".


I confess you: I bought online a new tablet 7" with Android installed made in China (HK).


Is it existing a compatible version of Skype for Android of my China Telecom Infotmic P745?


Thank you for help. Good days for you all.




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Same problem. Help.

Paulo Herculano
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I think all tablets are made in China anyway, I have a MID703 made in China with Skype pre loaded & it works 100% audio & camera

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same problem and doesn't work with google play or any android links :'(
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Did you manage to find solution for this?
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what are the spes ? tell me the
cpu speed
android version

or download from here


and run
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