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Skype does not work over 3g network

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I bought a samsung galaxy y dous running 2.3.6.   I bought a monthly subcription. I bought a skype number. I went for the pay only half price if you buy a year in advance. I signed up for a BIG data plan. None of this works! Why doesn't skype just say "for wifi only"? What do I do now with my BIG data plan? Skype number for a year...? It Would have been perfect for staying in touch with my family in another country. I have the latest software from google play. My firmware is up to date. This is a Skype problem....

So what to do?

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Novel Adventurer   is one of the reasons bought into skype....Just doesn't work. How can they make these claims?

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Well... I ditched this phone and bought a Samsung Galaxy S3. The first phone exceeded specs (but not by much)....So I don't know. I just know the Galaxy S3 That costs 4 times as much DOES work with Skype over a 3G network.....I can place calls from South America to any USA cell or house phone. And with my skype number they can call me. However Video is just a blackish green screen. So I can call...but video calls don't work.  Could be Skype, could be the S3. Since I don't use it for video, I don't care.

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How can I use my video call on my samsung galaxy y dous....
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Does your samsung galaxy y model have 2 cameras, one on the front and one on the back?

I saw the specifications online and they say it does not have 2 camera, which is needed for video calling.


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Just download " Vpn1Click " from google play and after installing

connect it to any country's server

after connecting sign into skype and it will work


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