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Skype does not start automatically at boot

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Novel Tourist

Skype used to start automatically after rebooting the phone (Nexus S on Android 4.0.3) but not anymore. I'm not sure if the problem started after I updated Skype or after I updated the OS. 

I notice that Skype does not list "automatically start at boot" with its permissions. It seems that all apps I have that do start automatically list this permission.

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Casual Adventurer
Yes come on Skype, this really needs to be sorted out. It used to start on boot and stay signed in at all times with early versions. At the present time the app is useless to me because whenever my friends and family try to contact me the app is not running. It needs to start on boot and stay connected at all time, regardless of us reseting or turning our devices off and on.
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Skype developers take note. Version worked fine regarding the problems with the no start on boot and not reconnecting. After this version ( auto boot and reconnect doesn't work. So if you can take the good from that version and add it to the latest version, it will be a great app.
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It is annoying that Skype does not allow us to automatically start the software when booting up our Android devices. Furthemore, there is no way we will choose Windows over Android because of Microsoft's effort to limit Skype's functionality on competitive OSes.


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