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Skype crashes on my LG G2; no sign of an update

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I was in a chat with LG Representative and here are the screenshots.


LG provide this to their customers: "I'm sorry that you feel that way", and no actual help.

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I have a lowyer ready here in greece. I didn't pay 600 euro for a device that cannot do what other half price can do.

It was working before with 20b and it is their fault. Same behaviour from LG support in greece. My worry is that i cannot contact LG in korea. The 20f is launched but nit for all countries...why ?

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They claim Google develops the operating system and 3rd party companies like Skype developers the software so they have no part in this issue.


But they are not able to explain how Skype works on all Android 4.4.2 phones except LG G2.


I bought from Amazon and Amazon offered me to return the item. At least I have Amazon supporting customers like me, unlike LG.

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Has anybody work solution ?
Please update,
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Hi. No solution still... We need to wait for a new software update... 

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Hello everyone and sorry for my english ... I also had your same problem .. and I solved by bringing the firmware 20d to 20f ... it's really easy, it only takes ten minutes and you do not lose any stored data .. The phone is pretty much the same as before ... only difference, skype and viber work perfectly! If you need, I can help you in the procedure.
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Skype works fine on my husbans lg g2 but not mine. When we video chat a noise comes from my end that we can both hear and doesnt go away. His is perfect quality.
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and? how can you help?
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Hi. Could you please help me ? I do not have idea how can I change 20f to 20d...6

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Hey there! I apologize for my English. Can you speak Russian? Please help in resolving the issue with Skype and Viber. I would really appreciate the help!

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