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Skype contacts on android mess wich my contacts on the phone + bad talking quality

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I must say, I am really annoyed by Skype on Android (HTC Desire HD). The problem is that when I sync my contacts on Skype with my contacts on my phone, I always can see ALL the Skype contacts I EVER had, even if I deleted them YEARS ago. This cannot be possible. If I delete them from my contact list, I expect that they are GONE as if I never added them at all. If I block them it is not the same thing, as if I just delete them, because I forbid them to contact me, but that is not what I want. I want them just not in my list any more and I do not want them to mess with my existing contacts.


One example: I once called my girlfriend on Skype on her cellphone. Now there is a "contact" in my contact list of Skype (not the visible list, but only the one that get synced with my contacts) that only shows her number. But it is not even a Skype contact at all, just her phone number. What on earth is this contact doing in the list, I don't have it in my contact list of Skype at all.


Another example: There are a few contacts that I never did anything else with that put it on my Block list, because they contacted me with crap and I didn't even know them. Now, they get listed in my contact list, when I sync my phone.


This cannot be it, or is this they way they intended to do this?


One very different thing is, that Skype calls are almost impossible to do. Quality is crazy bad, even if I use it over a very fast wifi...when I use it over the same wifi on my MAC it is totally fine, but when I make a call with my phone to the same contact (Skype to Skype), I do not understand a word.


I am really discouraged, what are your experiences and is there anything I can do to improve? Thanks a lot guys

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I actually just noticed the same behavior with the new version.


Since I upgraded (2.0.047), the numbers that I call from skype get added in my global android contacts ("People"). They do not appear in my Skype contacts, either on Android Skype, or PC Skype, but are in the synchronized ones (and the total number of contacts synchronized include those numbers).


This is a change of behavior form previous version, and have not seen any place to disable this behavior. could this be a bug introduced with the new release ?

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yes same problem here on my android tab, my android contacts list has been populated with 73 contacts that I guess  ever sent me anything...(I don't know them and have never had conversations with them or had message chats with them) really annoying. they cannot be removed theogh skyp as they don't show up in the skype contacts list and they cannot be deleted via the android contacts app as it considers them read only. Uninstalled

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Me too - Any solutions?
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The same here.

I've got 18.000 (...) Skype marked phone numbers listed in my Android Contacts. They are visuaaly in the way and they destroy performance when I'm trying to select a contact to call. Stopping syncing doesn't help. Would removal of the app do so?


I probably hit "All" when initially syncing Skype contacts. I should have hit "only merging existing contacts"or so, but couldn't have known this.


What's the solution?

PLease help.

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I can definitely relate I have a galaxy s smartphone and has 3 contact list. whenever the computer on my smartphone take me to 1 of the lists it is the 1 that's the contacts are tripled each 1 of the contacts that is!!!SO I CAN totally relate to your contact fustration. all I want is to bring up a few contacts I have an I can't that is to say my skype contacts.
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- Launch Skype for Android
- Login to your account
- go to Settings / Sync contacts
- change the setting to either "Sync with existing contacts" or to "Don't sync"
- Check your contacts to see if they are really gone.
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Problem solved! Thanks ericswainsbury
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Helped alot, thanks!
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same problem - im on the skype app but i cant find settings??
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