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Skype connecting problem - Android

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I have installed Skype at my Android cell phone but after I insert the username and password, it just show me "connecting"!


I have desinstalled and installed a few time, but the problem still persist.


Any useful sugestion?




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Novel Tourist

How is your phone provider. Give them a call to check they are not blocking skype.


What type of internet connection are you using? Check with your system administrator to see if its blocked?



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I am using the wifi internet at home. It is not blocked.

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This is my problem, I just purchased a "Pendo" tablet. From the android app store from a link on the device I downloaded skype which all went as normal. I have the login screen, I type in my name and password and after an attempt to login I get the error message "Skype has stopped working". Would you like to sign in again or exit Skype. This happens every time. I have uninstalled and reinstalled a couple of times but each time its the same

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I have exactly the same problem but at the end of the installation skype did say the it is not compatable with my device..  it does start up but fails to sign in ..

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